Cygnet Accommodation | Things to See & Do

Cygnet Accommodation | Things to See & Do

Cherryview Cygnet is located in the heart of the Huon Valley with a treasure trove of places to explore and things to do. Take a look here for what is on offer in the local area.

At Cherryview Cygnet, you can relax on the patio and listen to the frogs while taking in the magnificent views and birdlife – blue wrens and robins abound and wedge tailed eagles regularly soar over the property. You can also wander the property at your leisure and meet the permanent residents Gina the donkey, Annie the pony  and Hazel the pig! In the evening you can take in the beautiful sunsets and then watchout for the abundant wildlife including pademelons, bettongs, bandicoots, possums, quolls and wallabies. On clear nights the minimal ambient light means that you will get a fabulous view of the stars.

Take a look at these slideshows of some of what you may see at Cherryview Cygnet. All photos were taken at Cherryview Cygnet.

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